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The Law of Attraction and This Week

Published February 25, 2016 by mandyhieatt

This week has been a week from hell and at one point I was sure that it was only going to get worse. Lately it seems like the harder I try the harder things have been getting. And I have been on the verge of tears for the better part of a month now but this week has been especially bad. Then today as I was doing my Reiki meditation a thought came to me and I had one of those “Ah Ha!” moments.

I was focusing on my lack of things and not on the joy and feelings of having the things I desired (such as money, lets be honest). And the more I noticed that I didn’t have money and wasn’t making money the less money I was making and the less I had. I thought I was being positive and thinking about things in the right manner but I wasn’t. I only was thinking the good thoughts when I noticed that I didn’t have which put my mindset in a state of lack and no matter what thoughts I was trying to force I was still in a state of lack. And from experience I know that a state of lack will only bring on more lack which will only bring on more, so on and so forth. It really is a hard cycle for me to break.

However, today no matter what kind of bad news I received I was coming from a place of love, joy, and gratitude. When I noticed something that I didn’t want I stopped myself and thought “What is it that you really do want Mandy?” So I started becoming clear on many things in my life, including how I have been working myself and my businesses. I realized that I no longer want to work and not see any monetary benefits come from it, that I need to follow my true passions in life, and give my 11o% to my goals. Which means that some of the things that I have been doing I am going to have to let go because they are no longer working in my life. The transition is going to be hard because I do not like change when that change is subtracting something from my life. However, in the end I know that I will be much happier refocusing my life.

So as I go through and make these changes you will notice a change in how I do things. I am not sure that I want to continue my daily readings as these take energy that although my followers do love I am not receiving any other benefit from. I will still continue doing my weekly readings but may start doing those in video format and providing a link to my YouTube page. I am going to start working hard at promoting my accounting business as I know that there is a great need for that and I have a passion for helping small business owners. I will also work hard at promoting my Reiki/Readings business as healing others and providing guidance is a gift that I must share with the world and also balance myself out. The other things I do may take a back seat for a while until I can prove that I can be successful in these two areas. I will still do my workouts and post those on my facebook page and maybe even start sharing them here.

My life needs to be filled with love, joy, and gratitude and that has been missing lately and I am working on getting that back. Working on that today I have several people that are wanting to come see me Friday for readings and/or chakra balancing and a couple of appointments Saturday for taxes. Proof that the Law of Attraction works when you allow it to and don’t block your own success.

I appreciate all of my followers and any feedback you have. May you be blessed with my joy and love in your life!


Reiki and Card Readings

Published February 18, 2016 by mandyhieatt

Most of you that follow my blog do so for my daily readings, which I have taken a short break from. I do plan on getting back to those this Sunday evening however. I try to provide not only the meaning the author of the deck provided but also my interpretation of the card and it effects on the day. I know that at times my entries tend to be long and wordy, even willing to admit that at times they may be hard to read. But I feel that it is always worth the read in the end.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret on how I do my readings. I use Reiki on myself and the cards before I do a reading. Since I started doing this I have found that not only am I far more accurate but that my energy isn’t depleted after I do a reading. Anyone who has ever done readings knows the feeling of being completely drained after a reading or a series of readings. There are some people who want readings that just want to deplete your energy to start with.  Then there are those times when as a reader we think we are Superman and decide that we can do marathon readings with no break and end up feeling nearly dead.


I figured out that lesson out a few years ago. I was doing a fund raising psychic fair to help a group obtain the money needed to become a 501(c)3 organization (non-profit). This was a 2 day event and I offered to help both days. First of all it was a 90 minute drive one way from the event to my house, so I needed to make sure that I had enough energy for that. Then it started later in the morning but went until 8:00 pm. So after the first day I felt tired but that was to be expected. However, after the end of the second day I was so exhausted that I slept for 14 hours straight that night and then had to rest/sleep most of the next week. I knew that I was pushing myself too hard and putting out too much of my own energy. After that event I decided I needed to change how I approach doing readings.

Tarot 1

It was during a meditation state that the solution to my problem was presented. During my meditation the goddess Morrigan showed me that I was to Reiki myself and my cards before I started reading to ensure that it was not my energy that was being used but universal energy that was being used. Because universal energy cannot be depleted so there is enough to do what needs to be done and then some. So the next day I started doing Reiki to my cards and noticed that not only did my energy not drop as much but also that I was gaining more insight into what really needed to be said.

A few months later I was invited to do another fund raising psychic fair and I took the offer. A lot of the people from the first fair remembered me and wanted me to read them again so I ended up being booked for that fair. At the end of the two day fair I was not tired because of the use of Reiki on myself and my cards. There was no need to sleep for 14 hours or spend the next week in the middle of a fibromyalgia flare.  I had plenty of energy and was able to help many people and raise a lot of money for the organization I was helping.

So when I start back up doing my daily, weekly, and monthly readings please know that a lot of the insight comes from Reiki energy. And if you decided to book a personal reading with me that I am not feeding you what I think you want to know but what Reiki energy is telling me you need to know through the cards.

Reiki Hands

Health, Fitness, and Reiki

Published February 17, 2016 by mandyhieatt

My public persona is not actually my personal persona and I am working on that. One good example of this is the fact that most people that know I am a Beachbody Coach did not know I am a Reiki Master and vise versa. Although this may not seem like such a big deal for me it is. It’s a big deal because I use Reiki to help me along my health and fitness journey. Reiki helps me to be able to wake up in the morning and get going, helps me after my workout is done through relaxation, and helps my body assimilate my food better.

For those that know me the fact that I am not a morning person is not new and quite frankly may be considered the understatement of century. I do not like mornings, I do not like them here or there, I do not like them anywhere. However, recently I have been working really hard at changing this aspect of me. I learned that no amount of Reiki makes 6:00 am a good time to wake up for me. I cannot function that early… period. Not even coffee helps that early. Right now I am giving 6:30 am a shot and it seems to be working. Reiki helps me in the morning to get my energies flowing so that I can function at more than a GRRRR level and helps me from wanting to strangle my chipper morning husband.

Reiki is a huge help to me after my workouts are done. I am hoping that as you have read this blog you have realized that I have a daily fight with fibromyalgia. For those that know they understand that even the idea of working out seems like a really stupid idea that will only lead to horrible pain. And in the beginning of my health and fitness journey that was completely true. In the beginning I didn’t incorporate my Reiki into health and fitness journey, so the pain was almost more than I could bear. By the end of the warm-up I would be hurting so bad I was usually in tears. But I kept pushing.

Once I finally wised up and started incorporating Reiki into my health and fitness journey things finally started getting better. After a workout I did a self-treatment and it would help reduce the amount of post-workout pain and usually resulted in a nice nap. By doing this I found that I was able to push harder during my workouts, go longer, and I finally started seeing some results. I felt stronger than I had in a long time and was gaining some self-confidence back. That was back in 2012 that I really started my health and fitness journey. Yes, I basically weight the same, however, I am a lot smaller than I used to be. Keep reminding myself that muscle is more dense than fat and that weight is just a measurement of the force of gravity on the body. Apparently I have a very strong gravitational force.

When it comes to food Reiki is a huge deal! I Reiki food as I cook it and as I eat it so that it nourishes my body in the ways that I need it to and so that I can better control my hunger. Honestly that is one of the worst symptoms of my fibromyalgia right now is the horrible food cravings for things like sweets and carbs which I know are bad for my body. I also Reiki my Shakeology every day before I drink it. I want to make sure that I am getting everything that I need to make my body run to its best abilities. Now from time to time I do get stressed and forget to Reiki my food. I can tell too. Last night is a perfect example. I didn’t Reiki the food during preparation or right before eating it, I just simply enjoyed a great meal with my husband. Right after I was done eating I wanted chocolate so very bad. I ended up making homemade hot chocolate. That was not the best choice but it calmed down my fibromyalgia enough so that I could get some sleep. Lesson – Always Reiki my food!

In the end I realize that I can no longer keep my coaching business separate from my Reiki. Both are too much a part of who I am and I use them both to make improvements to myself. Here is my obligatory plug… That is why my March Challenge Group is going to incorporate both my Beachbody business and my Reiki. For those that purchase a Beachbody Challenge Pack I will be offering them the first 3 levels of Kundalini Reiki at no additional charge (a $150 value). It is my thoughts and feelings that if everyone else could see how perfectly they go together then they too could improve their lives like I have.

Generic Challenge Pack

Kundalini Reiki 1-3 Pic

Animal Reiki & Cat Butt

Published February 16, 2016 by mandyhieatt

Cat Butt came into our lives a little over 2 years ago and is a major part of my day. When we first got him he was very sick and weak. After spending a lot of time at his vets office we figured out that he has severe allergies. This meant putting him on an immune suppressant and special food. And this helped him a lot, however I knew that I needed to do Reiki treatments on him as well.

Every time that I would do a treatment on Cat Butt he would sit on my lap or very close to me and just allow the energy to flow into him and then would sleep for several hours after the treatment was over. Once he woke up he was completely wired and acted like a normal cat (which is how he earned his nickname of Captain Asshole). It got to the point that I noticed when he wanted a treatment he would just come up to me and the Reiki energy would start flowing even if I wasn’t in the mood. This was a lesson in learning to do Reiki when it is needed done and not when I feel like doing it. And this went on for about a year and a half.

Back in August of 2015 I decided that to ask Cat Butt if he wanted to become attuned to Level I Usui Reiki. The response was instantaneous.  He actually got into the area of my desk where I keep my Master Manual and pulled it out. To me this was not only completely amazing but a very firm answer to the question. So I attuned Cat Butt to Level I Usui Reiki. During the entire attunement Cat Butt sat quietly on my desk taking it in and purring. He was content and letting me know. After I was done he decided to sit in my lap for a good hour. This is unusual because Cat Butt is not the “sit in your lap” kind of cat. He is the “I want to be close to you but don’t touch me unless I allow it” kind of cat.

Since his attunement we have been able to ween him off his medicine with no side effects or back slides to his health. In all honesty he seems happier now that he is off his meds. The only down side I can see is he is no longer sleeping until 6:30 am, waking us up at 3:30-4:00 am which is a time in which I am not happy about. But if that is the only thing I have to complain about then I am one happy cat mom. Now that he is attuned Cat Butt now will sit next to or on me and my husband if we are not feeling well, sad, or stressed and will Reiki us.

Receiving Reiki energy from my cat is a unique experience to say the least. At first I didn’t recognize the energy because it was coming from Cat Butt. I am used to the way the humans give Reiki energy. It seems that animals have a different way of giving the energy even though it is the same energy. Yesterday is a perfect example of receiving Reiki energy from Cat Butt. It was raining and the rain flares up my fibromyalgia something horrible. So after my husband left for work I decided to lay down on one of the couches in the living room. Cat Butt came over and laid on me for a long time and I fell into a deep sleep. When I finally woke up about 3 hours later I felt amazing even though it was still raining. Cat Butt Reikied me.

I know soon that I will need to give him his Level II Usui Reiki and maybe even his Kundalini Reiki attunements, but I will wait for him to let me know when he is ready. And here eventually I need to go out to the pasture and give Lester, our Arabian donkey, and attunement as it has been brought to my attention he wants it done. And that will be an interesting attunement and I will let you all know how that goes.

I have learned that not only do animals enjoy receiving a Reiki treatment but they can also receive attunements and heal.

How Reiki has helped my Fibromyalgia

Published February 12, 2016 by mandyhieatt

Lets start with my adventure with fibromyalgia. In 2007 I was going to school full-time, part of the student council, member of the choir, member of a underprivileged student program, math and business tutor, and working overnights at a motel full-time. For months I felt tired and had body aches all over that didn’t get better with ibuprofen. Honestly I thought it was because I was trying to do too much and was burnt out.

After feeling so horrible for months and things just getting worse and worse I finally went to my doctor. She ran a series of test, which all came back good, and then she finally did what is called the touch test. For this test to be positive 11 of the 17 points they palpate have to be sensitive, well I had 16. The one my doctor was sure would have a reaction didn’t. After the diagnosis we tried a variety of medications to try and get the pain manageable. However, if the medications did work they had such horrible side effects that I didn’t want to take them. The pain was better than what was happening because of the medications.

Then in 2008 one of my closest friends suggested I look into Reiki to help with my fibro. I had absolutely no idea what Reiki was and was skeptical. So I researched it and it still sounded like fluff… serious bullshit fluff. Although I did (and still do) believe in the ability of humans to transfer energy between each other it was hard for me to understand that universal energy could pass-through one person into another. As I was studying Reiki, my husband and I went to an event in Des Moines, Iowa and I got to experience Reiki for the first time. It wasn’t a full session but the results amazed. The Reiki provider worked on my back between my shoulder blades, my lower back, and my right knee. For about 2 weeks afterwards I felt great. My pain was reduced to the point I almost felt normal again.

After that experience I decided that I needed to be able to do this on my self on a regular basis, not having to depend on anyone else to provide this service to me. It was then that the universe spoke to me and provided me with the answer I was looking for. The local community college (Southeaster Community College, West Burlington, IA) was offering a Level I Usui Reiki Course at the Massage Therapy School. Even though the course description was obviously geared towards massage therapists I still decided I wanted to take it. My wonderful husband paid for me to take this intense 3 day course. I loved every moment of it and exchanged Reiki with the other students that were there. It was amazing and I felt better for weeks afterwards. As part of the course it was suggested that we each practice Reiki either on a family member or ourselves for 30 consecutive days after the attunement and I did just that. However, since I felt so good after that 30 days I stopped doing Reiki on myself because I didn’t think I needed it any more, how naive I was.

Fast forward to September 2012 and my fibro was once again bad even though I was exercising and trying to eat healthy. I was frustrated and felt like my will was being broken by the universe. Then I see that one of my good friends was a Reiki Master and offering a class but this class was too far for me to drive to, so I sent her a message asking her what it would cost for her to come down to my house and teach me. After settling on the price and the class date I felt a sense of relief. Then on October 12, 2012 I received my Level II Usui Reiki attunement.

Even though I didn’t practice daily I was practicing more regularly and it did help. Then I found out that we were going to move to southern Kentucky in late January of 2013 and knew that if I wanted my friend to do my ART and Master attunements I had to get them in quick. So in March of 2013 we did the class and she attuned me. Now during our move and subsequent house hunt it was very hard for me to practice daily but I did practice as often as I could. I noticed that the more I practiced my Reiki the stronger it seemed to get and the better I felt. So after we bought our current house and got mostly settled in I started doing daily Reiki.

Most of the time my daily Reiki practice is me sending Reiki to others, situations, and my goals that I have written down in my Reiki notebook and it may only take 10-15 minutes. I have found that even though I am not directly sending Reiki to myself, since the energy flows through me it heals me. Now between exercise, diet, and Reiki my bad days now are what I used to call good days and my good days are awesome. I can do almost as much as I was once able to do and life has it vigor back. My fibro is still a part of my daily life and as I sit here typing this blog it is snowing here and I feel it. However, I will still get up and get my workout done and then get to working on my accounting business. I don’t let days like today stop me any more.

Reiki has saved my life and my quality of life and for that I will ever be grateful!

1-12-16 Selfie with Larry

Reiki in my life

Published February 11, 2016 by mandyhieatt

As a Usui Reiki Master and a Kundalini Reiki Master I use Reiki energy every day in various areas of my life and it has helped me in so many ways. Every day I am grateful that I found Reiki and that I have had the wonderful Masters I have had. I do not know where I would be if I had not found Reiki.

So lets go to the beginning… Back in 2008 after fighting with my fibromyalgia for about a year a friend of mine had told me that I should look into Reiki as she felt it would help with my symptoms. I couldn’t find anyone that offered the Reiki service but found a class that would teach me to perform Reiki and so I took that class. I loved that class and enjoyed meeting all the other people in that class. After that class I was Level I attuned and started my journey of self-Reiki.

For the first 30 days after my first attunement I did Reiki on myself for at least 45 minutes, usually right before bed because I would be super tired afterwards. At the end of the 30 days I stopped and actually thought about how I was feeling and it was so much better than I had felt in over a year. The daily pain was manageable and I was once again able to do some of the simple tasks that had become too hard. Once again I was able to keep up on my homework without it causing a major flare up and the spiral downwards that comes with a flare up. Everyone around me noticed.

It is my belief that since my Level I Master was a massage therapist that in her mind she could only see the physical abilities of Reiki and not the other areas that Reiki energy can help.  Then in 2012 I found out a very good friend of mine was also a Reiki Master. This friend follows more closely to my spiritual beliefs and so it was super easy for me to take her Level II class. It was here that she opened my eyes to all that Reiki can do. And it is after her class that I started using Reiki in all areas of my life to make improvements.

This dear friend was who also provided me with my Usui ART and Master training. Once I received those trainings I was able to see fully all that Reiki energy can do and knew that I wanted to make this not only a way of life but also share it with others. It brings me much joy being able to share Reiki with others and show them that there are natural ways to make improvements to their lives. It’s not always easy however it is always worth it.

In 2013 my husband and I moved to southern Kentucky and through a group I was in meet this wonderful young woman and felt an instant connection with her. She was offering a class in Kundalini Reiki and my soul knew that I needed to take this course to further my Reiki studies. (Yes, there are different forms of Reiki and it is my feeling that all are valid and each has its own energy. There will be others that disagree with me and I respect their opinion and ask that they respect mine.) During this course I noticed that the Kundalini energy that had been in my root chakra was released and was flowing through my entire body. This energy was foreign and exciting to me and I spent the next several weeks allowing my body to adjust to this new energy.

When it comes down to it in the end Reiki in the forms I am skilled in has saved my life. My fibromyaglia is now at a point that most days you wouldn’t even know there was anything wrong with me. My bad days are now like my good days used to be and my good days are awesome. Reiki has also helped me deal with the emotional abuse I dealt with from my mother and subsequent ex’s. I have been able to heal myself on so many different levels. I have even used Reiki in my spiritual work to help boost the energy needed. I use Reiki to help me with my issues with success and money as well as with improving my marriage. As long as your intentions are good there is nothing Reiki can’t help with.

Every day I am grateful that I found Reiki because of how much my life has improved since finding this energy. And it is my goal to share Reiki energy with the world. Thank you so much for having read this far. I know I went on forever. So please know that if you have read this far you have gotten to the point that you will receive Reiki energy from me. Hope you have a great day, evening, night, and life!