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The Law of Attraction and This Week

Published February 25, 2016 by mandyhieatt

This week has been a week from hell and at one point I was sure that it was only going to get worse. Lately it seems like the harder I try the harder things have been getting. And I have been on the verge of tears for the better part of a month now but this week has been especially bad. Then today as I was doing my Reiki meditation a thought came to me and I had one of those “Ah Ha!” moments.

I was focusing on my lack of things and not on the joy and feelings of having the things I desired (such as money, lets be honest). And the more I noticed that I didn’t have money and wasn’t making money the less money I was making and the less I had. I thought I was being positive and thinking about things in the right manner but I wasn’t. I only was thinking the good thoughts when I noticed that I didn’t have which put my mindset in a state of lack and no matter what thoughts I was trying to force I was still in a state of lack. And from experience I know that a state of lack will only bring on more lack which will only bring on more, so on and so forth. It really is a hard cycle for me to break.

However, today no matter what kind of bad news I received I was coming from a place of love, joy, and gratitude. When I noticed something that I didn’t want I stopped myself and thought “What is it that you really do want Mandy?” So I started becoming clear on many things in my life, including how I have been working myself and my businesses. I realized that I no longer want to work and not see any monetary benefits come from it, that I need to follow my true passions in life, and give my 11o% to my goals. Which means that some of the things that I have been doing I am going to have to let go because they are no longer working in my life. The transition is going to be hard because I do not like change when that change is subtracting something from my life. However, in the end I know that I will be much happier refocusing my life.

So as I go through and make these changes you will notice a change in how I do things. I am not sure that I want to continue my daily readings as these take energy that although my followers do love I am not receiving any other benefit from. I will still continue doing my weekly readings but may start doing those in video format and providing a link to my YouTube page. I am going to start working hard at promoting my accounting business as I know that there is a great need for that and I have a passion for helping small business owners. I will also work hard at promoting my Reiki/Readings business as healing others and providing guidance is a gift that I must share with the world and also balance myself out. The other things I do may take a back seat for a while until I can prove that I can be successful in these two areas. I will still do my workouts and post those on my facebook page and maybe even start sharing them here.

My life needs to be filled with love, joy, and gratitude and that has been missing lately and I am working on getting that back. Working on that today I have several people that are wanting to come see me Friday for readings and/or chakra balancing and a couple of appointments Saturday for taxes. Proof that the Law of Attraction works when you allow it to and don’t block your own success.

I appreciate all of my followers and any feedback you have. May you be blessed with my joy and love in your life!


Weekly Card Reading 2-22-16

Published February 22, 2016 by mandyhieatt

Beginning of Week – King of Cups

He is wise and understanding. He knows the meaning of patience. Like the sea turtles that swim at his side, he guides the way with a stead calm through the ever-shifting uncertainties of the vast ocean depths. He reads the knowledge of the centuries that has been etched into the patterns of their shells, and drinks in that gift with every breath taken of the water that flows in and around them all. The waters grow still and peaceful in his presence. The cerulean swells sparkle with gem like clarity.

The sea horse is a symbol of the power of Poseidon and is imbued with the tireless strength of the sea. He is a patient creature, swimming through the swells at his own fluid pace. He follows the currents. However, his grace is armored by the spines of his exoskeleton, and that sinuous delicacy should not be underestimated, for the male sea horse is the protector of the young.

Like the sea horse, the King of Cups is a protector. He cares for and watches over all those who are near to him. He offers a drink from his healing waters. He offers compassion and care. His message is to let the currents flow through your veins to cleanse your heart of its burdens. He is patient and tolerant, and understands that all aspects and needs of the people around must be balanced.

Barbara Moore

The beginning of this week has you letting go of what is not working for you and learn to go with the flow of life. Which is perfect for the Full Moon in Virgo. Take time and look at your life. What isn’t working for you anymore? Why are you still holding on? What are you afraid of? Trust that by letting go you are allowing abundance and prosperity into your life and allowing all the positive things that have been waiting for you into your life. Yes, I know how scary that can be and how the unknown can be absolutely terrifying. However, I also know the joys that come with letting go of what isn’t working and going with the flow.

King of Cups

by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Middle of Week – Six of Cups

She wanders along the path until she comes to her destination. The creek burbles along its bed not far below her chosen spot, and she sets up her table and teacups to receive her visitors – first her friends from home, with their shiny button eyes and thread-sewn smiles.

And then the shyer ones begin to creep forth from teh shadows and hollows of teh woods, the sylphs and nymphs from the glassy water below, the dryads from teh birch and beech and oak, and the goblins from under. These are the companions she has been waiting for, and she greets them cheerfully. They are drawn forth by her innocent chatter and by the mind that has not yet been chained by boundaries of “what must be” and definitions of impossibility. In her world, fish are not bound by the water of the creek – they may swim through the air above that glassy path – and the sylvan company she entertains at her table are as welcome as the ones made of cloth and stuffing.

The Queen of the Faeries steps forth, and the fantastic retinue draws back, but the girl just smiles, pours a cup of tea, and offers it with a smile.

The Six of Cups is a reminder of childhood innocence, good intentions, noble impulses, simple joys and pleasures. It is not meant to be overly sentimental, but more an urging to remember the open-mindedness of a child’s perspective, and to push back the narrowness that folds in on you over time, with the complexities of life and responsibility.

Barbara Moore

So you’ve done the work at the beginning of the week of letting go of what was no longer useful to you. Now it’s time to look at the world with a child’s perspective of wonder and joy. Life can make anyone become hard and cold and that prohibits love and joy from coming into your life. Working just to pay bills is a horrible feeling and that is enough to bring anyone down, however remember that even though you have those bills you can still find joy and happiness all around you. Remember what it was like to use your imagination to go to far away worlds and explore new and exciting things. As an adult you now have a stronger mind and can make those childhood adventures more exciting. Remember the Law of Attraction teaches that the most important tool is being able to imagine the life you want and to feel it. Isn’t that what you did as a child? It’s time to start doing that again!

6 of Cups

by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

End of Week – Four of Pentacles

The dragon coils tightly around his hard-earned hoard. He has spent many human lifetimes gathering up such a vast treasure. No one shall touch it; no one shall steal it from him! “Mine!” he hisses up to his tiny cousins who come creeping up to see. The salamanders and lizards scurry away quickly, lest he lash out at them in his possessive anger.

“My gold!” he declares. He knows the chameleons are watching with lustful eyes from above. HE knows they are waiting for a moment of weakness to slip in and take. Even the light touch of wind feels like a thief stealthily attempting to creep up on him, and so he curls himself around himself, around and around and coiled tightly, tail to snout and endless coil. The salamanders scuttle off and leave him to himself. Burnished scales meld and become indistinguishable from the gold that he lies sprawled upon. Lovely, comfortable gleam, never tarnishing, never changing.

The Four of Pentacles embodies a possessive spirit, one how wants always to be in control. As a result, he lives within limitations, a cage of his own making, and is highly averse to any change. He is obstructive, in denial of his own weaknesses, chained by those very weaknesses. He is a miserly and miserable being who is financially well off but with a spirit that has been locked down by that preoccupation with his material state. Letting go of that selfishness might bring more happiness than that hoard has done thus far.

Barbara Moore

Let’s talk about what is happening here. You let go of what wasn’t working and you started to view life through a child’s perspective but now you are being selfish and greedy. What happened to make you change this quick? I can almost bet that it has something to do with money and finances. As I stated earlier, paying bills sucks and when there is more month and than money it really sucks. I have been there and still fighting my way out. This does not mean, however, to become a greedy, stingy, and miserly person. Yes, be responsible and pay your bills but do it with love in your heart. It is easy to pay bills with love in your heart. Remember what those bills signify in your life. A house to live in, electricity for the lights and heat, water to drink and bathe in, internet for entertainment, and so many other things that you pay for and enjoy. Don’t stop the enjoyment because now you have to pay for it. Use the Law of Attraction to help you through the hard times. Learn to attract financial stability and freedom by imagining it and feeling those feelings. Don’t let money stop you from living the life you want. Bad feelings towards money will only bring about a lack of it.

4 of Pentacles

by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


2-5-16 Daily Card Reading

Published February 4, 2016 by mandyhieatt

Oracle of the Dragonfae
by Lucy Cavendish

The Lady Grain

A time when dreams and wishes are quickly and easily realized. Fertility is accentuated, and your attractiveness and personal beauty are appreciated and commented on. Throw wide open your heart and experience the joy of feeling. Beautiful emotions, warm friendships, loving relationships. Displays of love – extravagant love. New projects and ideas. Self-love grows, and attracts others to you when Grain is with you.

Lucy Cavendish

What a wonderful day for opening your heart to the beauty around you and within you. It is when you are able to find the beauty in all things that all things seem to become better. And who doesn’t want things to become better? Also, when you notice the beauty in all things around you others will notice your beauty which, lets be honest here, will make you feel good about yourself. When you are complimented accept it with gratitude and don’t be one of those assholes that is down on yourself.

Today is also a good day to start a new project that you have been thinking about starting. Grian is here to help you with the initial start so that you can keep the momentum going and making the new project the best it could possibly be. She does warn that you have to have the right mindset to ensure success because she is just here to get you started not to keep you going. And this is where the Law of Attraction comes into play. Use the Law of Attraction to keep your momentum going by believing that you have already accomplished your goals. Feel now what it would feel like to have your goals accomplished. Enjoy those feelings because that is what the universe goes off of… your feelings.

Today enjoy the beauty around you and start the new project with love and joy in your heart.

2 The Lady Grain

by Lucy Cavendish

2-4-16 Daily Card Reading

Published February 4, 2016 by mandyhieatt

Oracle of the Dragonfae
by Lucy Cavendish

Lady Titania

Bringing people together in life-changing, sacred and meaningful gatherings; mothering others joyously; being greater than you appear to be; understanding the need for joy and happiness and gatherings that delight in the company of soul mates; family agreements and pacts that are reinforced through celebration; coming together in community with friends. Finding your soul family. Being protected and nurtured by friends and soul-family.

Lucy Cavendish

Today is all about finding joy all around you, especially in family. And there is a reminder here that family has very little to do with blood and have everything to do with love. Sometimes the best family is the one you make for yourself. Close friends end up being better family than a cousin or even a sibling. Accepting this fact of life and finding joy in it is liberating and soul lifting.

The easiest way to find joy is to go out a make it. Go out with your family and friends and have some fun. Create joy all around you and the world will seem like a much better place. You make the world a better place when you create joy because you are sending out good vibes to the universe which means that the universe has to send you back more vibes as the Law of Attraction teaches. It really is amazing how quickly things will improve when you make the choice to create joy and be happy. Remember that no one else can make you happy except for you.

Today go out and create your own happiness with those you consider family.

5 Lady Titania

by Lucy Cavendish

2-1-16 Weekly Card Reading

Published February 1, 2016 by mandyhieatt

Oracle of the Dragonfae
by Lucy Cavendish

Beginning of week – Melusine

You may be facing rejection from others, particularly due to traditional family, religious, or cultural expectations. Being thought of as unacceptable is some way. Struggling to fit into an environment that only loves part of who you are. Finding people who want you to hide some of who you are, so that you fit in.

Lucy Cavendish

The beginning of this week has you feeling like you need to hide part of who you are to make others happy. Let me ask you this… How does that make you feel and what do those feelings do to you? When we feel like we have to hide part of who we are it builds up resentment that can lead into major arguments. Although the person or persons asking this of you has your best interest in mind they do not fully understand the emotional consequences of what they ask. Tell them kindly that although you appreciate that they care that much for you that they want the world to love you, you have to be who you are no matter what because you have to be happy.

1 Melusine

by Lucy Cavendish


Middle of week – The Lady Alfreda

It is time to get real and own what you have previously blamed on others. This does not mean blaming yourself. Instead, work on shifting your own karmic residue (Dragonfae are wonderful at this!) and understanding the connections between what you have sent out and what you have created. Issues of law, justice, and karma. Fearful thoughts around what you see to be the darkness or black magick, not understanding just how the natural Law works, thus this card asks you to look to your own intent. Clear your space; work with your own dark times to understand the lessons. Make friends with your shadow and thank it for the lessons.

Lucy Cavendish

This is the perfect card for the Law of Attraction. So what you have previously sent out is coming back to you and it sucks! You have to deal with this in a positive way in order to change it next time it comes back. When things that seem back occur it is up to you to change your mindset and make them as positive as possible while understanding that there are lessons to be learned from this experience. This is also the time to start examining your shadow self and making peace with it.

13 The Lady Alfreda

by Lucy Cavendish


End of week – Queen Mab

Getting back to the basics of enchantment and magick, reconnecting with the old ways, and seeing them as eternal. Understanding the karmic history of your area, and applying the principles and lessons in the present moment. Telepathically receiving messages, and trusting in them. Knowing that your thoughts have energy and can have an immense impact on what happens (think of the threefold law…). Indulge in some old-fashioned magick, believe in your own abilities, and trust in the ancient ways of wisdom that run in your blood, as well as in the planet’s heartbeat.

Lucy Cavendish

So you have made those around you understand that you can’t hide the parts of you that may make others uncomfortable and dealt with karmic issues and your dark side and now it is time to reconnect with your soul. The part of you that is eternal and ever evolving into a better being. This can be done through meditation, prayer, nature walks, and other things that make you live in the moment. When you take time to reconnect with yourself you gain confidence in your abilities, all of them, and have no fears of the unknown. This is important in your life and should be done daily; however if you have gotten off track now is the time to get back on track.

11 Queen Mab

by Lucy Cavendish

February 2016 Monthly Reading

Published February 1, 2016 by mandyhieatt

Oracle of the Dragonfae
by Lucy Cavendish

Beginning of month – The Dragonfae Goddess Tiamet

The knowledge of the eternal nature of the soul, be aware of your own soul’s journey through time and space, be aware that you are made up of galactic (star) materials, of the ocean and of fire. A time when others say things about you that are not only untrue, they are inspired by their own fear. Soon you will have recognition and a kind of rebirth, and you will realize that you are a strong warrior, a being whose spirit can never be vanquished, just as your complexity and brilliance can never be fully captured in words or images. Go on , and recreate your life from this ending that seems hard to bear. What you go on to create will have beauty, genius, wisdom and grace in it. You may face challenges in finding a home, or a construction or dwelling may not be going to plan. Build on, and know that your plans will reach fruition, for generations to come. Astrology, astronomy, the science of the stars…”

Lucy Cavendish

If you are like many people I know January was a hard month and seemed to get this year off to a bad start. Remember that this is a new month and that means new beginnings. Don’t let what did or didn’t happen last month bleed into this month. Make this month the new start to an awesome year. Remember that you are the only one that has control over how you feel and if you feel that this month and the rest of this year are going to be awesome then guess what? They will be!!! So take the beginning of this month to get your mindset right to make the rest of this month and year the best it can be.

15 The Dragonfae Goddess Tiamet

by Lucy Cavendish


Middle of month – Lady Luna’s Magick

Moon cycles are to be worked with at this time. Others feeling that your new magickal behaviors and practices are ‘lunacy’, understanding your night time self, receiving messages from crystals (of which the mood is composed) and discovering far more about your true and hidden self. Discovery how moonlight affects you and work in tandem with her beautiful cycles. Introducing others to her work. Beginning projects at new moon, working towards completion at full. Going within when she is waning and going to dark.

Lucy Cavendish

This part of the month is the time between moon cycles and is a perfect time to notice the difference between the full moon’s energy and the new moon’s energy. During this period we are going from a new moon to a full moon and you will notice that the amount of energy worldwide is growing. Take this time to learn a little more about the darker side of yourself. It is in the shadows that the most progress is made. Do not be afraid of the dark aspect of yourself because no one is all light and love all the time. Acknowledge that there are dark thoughts and feelings within you. For once you know and understand your shadow self you can truly grow as a person.

32 Lady Luna's Magick

by Lucy Cavendish


End of month – The Time Guardian

Feeling pushed for time, that time is moving too fast or too slow, feeling left behind, or that all is moving forward so fast we are no longer important or relevant. A need to ensure that natural timekeeping is kept. It is likely, when this card comes up, that you may have a theme of running late or of never having enough time, or of feeling that time is not on your side. Not so!

Lucy Cavendish

Making time for yourself is just as important as making time for work and family. Because without taking care of yourself you are of no use to those around you. Make sure that you make time to relax and meditate. These small but simple things will make your life so much smoother and less stressful all around. You really do have enough time to accomplish all the things that you feel you need to accomplish. Remember the Law of Attraction teaches us that the more we feel the more of that feeling we attract. So by always feeling like you have no time then you are telling the universe that you want more of that. Say to yourself that you have plenty of time and don’t worry about things.

7 The Time Guardian

by Lucy Cavendish

1-30-16 Daily Card Reading

Published January 30, 2016 by mandyhieatt

Tales of the Mystical Cats
by Lunaea Weatherstone
illustrated by Mickie Mueller

Five of Sea – Reversed

Opportunities are all around you now, and more are on the way. Be sure you have completely let go of past regrets and wishful thinking about what could have been so you are ready to take advantage of everything good that is meant for you now.

Lunaea Weatherstone

Holding on to the past is toxic and only prevents you from allowing all the abundance that is trying to come into your life from actually making it into your life. In the world of accounting and finance this is called an opportunity cost and should never be considered when making new decisions. What has happened has happened, it is time to move on. You cannot change the past, so why stay there?

Continuing to think about the past and what did or didn’t happen only means that those are the types of feelings and things you are attracting into your life now. Do you want to continue to feel the same exact way? Probably not! So why in the hell are you still harboring on the past? Leave the past where it belongs, leave it behind you.

There is so much abundance trying to come into your life right now and you are blocking it. So the reason why things aren’t going the way you want them to is because of you! Not what happened in the past, not this person or that person, it’s all you. You need to stop the pity party train that you are on and start making your life the way you want it. The Law of Attraction teaches you that you are the only person in this world that can make you happy. So what aren’t you making yourself happy?

Today let go of past regrets and learn to make yourself happy and live how you want to live.

5 of Sea (R)

by Mickie Mueller