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Animal Reiki & Cat Butt

Published February 16, 2016 by mandyhieatt

Cat Butt came into our lives a little over 2 years ago and is a major part of my day. When we first got him he was very sick and weak. After spending a lot of time at his vets office we figured out that he has severe allergies. This meant putting him on an immune suppressant and special food. And this helped him a lot, however I knew that I needed to do Reiki treatments on him as well.

Every time that I would do a treatment on Cat Butt he would sit on my lap or very close to me and just allow the energy to flow into him and then would sleep for several hours after the treatment was over. Once he woke up he was completely wired and acted like a normal cat (which is how he earned his nickname of Captain Asshole). It got to the point that I noticed when he wanted a treatment he would just come up to me and the Reiki energy would start flowing even if I wasn’t in the mood. This was a lesson in learning to do Reiki when it is needed done and not when I feel like doing it. And this went on for about a year and a half.

Back in August of 2015 I decided that to ask Cat Butt if he wanted to become attuned to Level I Usui Reiki. The response was instantaneous. ┬áHe actually got into the area of my desk where I keep my Master Manual and pulled it out. To me this was not only completely amazing but a very firm answer to the question. So I attuned Cat Butt to Level I Usui Reiki. During the entire attunement Cat Butt sat quietly on my desk taking it in and purring. He was content and letting me know. After I was done he decided to sit in my lap for a good hour. This is unusual because Cat Butt is not the “sit in your lap” kind of cat. He is the “I want to be close to you but don’t touch me unless I allow it” kind of cat.

Since his attunement we have been able to ween him off his medicine with no side effects or back slides to his health. In all honesty he seems happier now that he is off his meds. The only down side I can see is he is no longer sleeping until 6:30 am, waking us up at 3:30-4:00 am which is a time in which I am not happy about. But if that is the only thing I have to complain about then I am one happy cat mom. Now that he is attuned Cat Butt now will sit next to or on me and my husband if we are not feeling well, sad, or stressed and will Reiki us.

Receiving Reiki energy from my cat is a unique experience to say the least. At first I didn’t recognize the energy because it was coming from Cat Butt. I am used to the way the humans give Reiki energy. It seems that animals have a different way of giving the energy even though it is the same energy. Yesterday is a perfect example of receiving Reiki energy from Cat Butt. It was raining and the rain flares up my fibromyalgia something horrible. So after my husband left for work I decided to lay down on one of the couches in the living room. Cat Butt came over and laid on me for a long time and I fell into a deep sleep. When I finally woke up about 3 hours later I felt amazing even though it was still raining. Cat Butt Reikied me.

I know soon that I will need to give him his Level II Usui Reiki and maybe even his Kundalini Reiki attunements, but I will wait for him to let me know when he is ready. And here eventually I need to go out to the pasture and give Lester, our Arabian donkey, and attunement as it has been brought to my attention he wants it done. And that will be an interesting attunement and I will let you all know how that goes.

I have learned that not only do animals enjoy receiving a Reiki treatment but they can also receive attunements and heal.