2-1-16 Weekly Card Reading

Published February 1, 2016 by mandyhieatt

Oracle of the Dragonfae
by Lucy Cavendish

Beginning of week – Melusine

You may be facing rejection from others, particularly due to traditional family, religious, or cultural expectations. Being thought of as unacceptable is some way. Struggling to fit into an environment that only loves part of who you are. Finding people who want you to hide some of who you are, so that you fit in.

Lucy Cavendish

The beginning of this week has you feeling like you need to hide part of who you are to make others happy. Let me ask you this… How does that make you feel and what do those feelings do to you? When we feel like we have to hide part of who we are it builds up resentment that can lead into major arguments. Although the person or persons asking this of you has your best interest in mind they do not fully understand the emotional consequences of what they ask. Tell them kindly that although you appreciate that they care that much for you that they want the world to love you, you have to be who you are no matter what because you have to be happy.

1 Melusine

by Lucy Cavendish


Middle of week – The Lady Alfreda

It is time to get real and own what you have previously blamed on others. This does not mean blaming yourself. Instead, work on shifting your own karmic residue (Dragonfae are wonderful at this!) and understanding the connections between what you have sent out and what you have created. Issues of law, justice, and karma. Fearful thoughts around what you see to be the darkness or black magick, not understanding just how the natural Law works, thus this card asks you to look to your own intent. Clear your space; work with your own dark times to understand the lessons. Make friends with your shadow and thank it for the lessons.

Lucy Cavendish

This is the perfect card for the Law of Attraction. So what you have previously sent out is coming back to you and it sucks! You have to deal with this in a positive way in order to change it next time it comes back. When things that seem back occur it is up to you to change your mindset and make them as positive as possible while understanding that there are lessons to be learned from this experience. This is also the time to start examining your shadow self and making peace with it.

13 The Lady Alfreda

by Lucy Cavendish


End of week – Queen Mab

Getting back to the basics of enchantment and magick, reconnecting with the old ways, and seeing them as eternal. Understanding the karmic history of your area, and applying the principles and lessons in the present moment. Telepathically receiving messages, and trusting in them. Knowing that your thoughts have energy and can have an immense impact on what happens (think of the threefold law…). Indulge in some old-fashioned magick, believe in your own abilities, and trust in the ancient ways of wisdom that run in your blood, as well as in the planet’s heartbeat.

Lucy Cavendish

So you have made those around you understand that you can’t hide the parts of you that may make others uncomfortable and dealt with karmic issues and your dark side and now it is time to reconnect with your soul. The part of you that is eternal and ever evolving into a better being. This can be done through meditation, prayer, nature walks, and other things that make you live in the moment. When you take time to reconnect with yourself you gain confidence in your abilities, all of them, and have no fears of the unknown. This is important in your life and should be done daily; however if you have gotten off track now is the time to get back on track.

11 Queen Mab

by Lucy Cavendish


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