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11-30-15 Daily Card Reading

Published November 30, 2015 by mandyhieatt

Faerie Tarot
by Nathalie Hertz

Queen of Cups – Reversed

A distinguished, beautiful and tempting woman, but vicious, false, lying, dangerous and melodramatic. Ambiguity, ploys and scandals. A marriage without love. Hostility in professional environment. Lust and dishonor.

Nathalie Hertz

Today is all about making sure you see things for how they truly are and not through rose colored glasses. As humans we tend to see things through our life filters and that can cause us to see things either as worse than they really are or better than they really are. Either way is not good.

To see things as being worse than they are you are depriving yourself of some of the simple joys in life which makes you unhappy. And when you are unhappy it is natural for you to want to make others around you unhappy by pointing out what your reality is. If this is how you are, do the world a favor and start with being grateful for small things in your life and work towards being a happier person. Remember that happiness comes from you and not your environment and those around you. Stop blaming the world for your issues, take responsibility, and work towards being happier.

However, to see things as being better than they are you may be missing lessons that are vital to your well being and forward progression in this life. Learn to accept that sometimes things are bad and that it is ok to feel bad. The key here is to make sure that you don’t stay in this emotional state for too long. You don’t have to make sure that everyone else in your life or the world is feeling good, you’re only responsibility is you.

Today I want you to stop and objectively think about how you view the world and make the changes necessary.

Queen of Cups (R)

by Nathalie Hertz


My Thanksgiving 2015

Published November 28, 2015 by mandyhieatt

Thanksgiving this year was different than past years and yet was very enjoyable. Since my grandma recently had surgery my husband and I decided that we would go up to their house and cook for them but just keep it to the 4 humans and 2 fur babies.

Lunch consisted of one really good turkey with mashed potatoes, uber sticky sweet candied yams, and deviled eggs.  A lot less than I would usually make. We all sat and enjoyed lunch together and worked on convincing Pookie and Cat Butt that it was not for them. However Pookie did get a little treat after we were all done.

For supper Larry and I decided to do something different… We (ok, it was completely Larry) cooked a wonderful Prime Rib for supper. With it we had leftover mashed potatoes and deviled eggs but also made some green beans to go with it.

I really enjoyed the time spent with my grandparents, my husband, and our fur babies. Spending time with loved ones in a quiet setting is truly one of my favorite things in the world.

Another highlight of the trip happened on Wednesday night when I went up to my best friend Nicole’s house and taught her and her family the joy and fun of Dungeons & Dragons. Even managed to get her husband in on the action. What better way for a family to spend game night?!?! No sitting in front of a TV and not really thinking but sitting around the same table and having to critically think about what they want to do next.

Needless to say I was very busy the past few days and others things had my attention that I felt were more important. So if you have been wondering were my daily card reading have been please know that although I love doing them and love helping you guys my family will always come first. It is my deepest hope that each of you had the chance to spend the day with those you love and had a wonderful day. 🙂

11-26-15 Daily Card Reading

Published November 25, 2015 by mandyhieatt

The Druid Animal Oracle
by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm
illustrated by Bill Worthington

Eagle – Iolair

Iloair helps you see your life in the wider context, enabling you to make decision and chart your goals with clarity and objectivity. A powerful ally, it is courageous and strong, and draws its power from the sun. If you will allow the Eagle to work for you , it will bring you a sense of purpose and the courage to see this through, enabling you to venture into fresh territory with confidence. It will allow you to detach yourself from everyday worries and cares, and will enable you to grasp the subtle concepts. The Eagle, when accepted will also show you the way to renew and rejuvenate yourself, by demonstrating the art of plunging – at just the right moment – into the lake of the heart.

Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

You’ve been working hard on learning techniques to take yourself further and do things you have wanted to do but weren’t sure how. And this is all good and part of the process but today is the day to go out and do. The Eagle waits until just the right moment to plunge because of his wide perspective and is telling you that now is the time to plunge head first into whatever you have been waiting to do.

Today’s reading is short and simple. But the call for action is strong. Today go out and do what you’ve been needing to do.


by Bill Worthington

11-24-15 Daily Card Reading

Published November 24, 2015 by mandyhieatt

The Druid Animal Oracle
by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm
illustrated by Bill Worthington

Air Dragon – Draig-athar

Coming into contact with the air dragon can be as a bold of lightening to the psyche and intellect – and as such must be treated with care and considerable respect. Sometimes manifesting as sudden flashes of illumination. Draig-athar brings insight and clarity to your thought and imagination. As conveyor of numinous power, the air dragon can be seen as a symbol of visitation – for he is a messenger of the Sky God.

Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

All this week so far the universe has been sending you messages that are important to you but you have not been listening very well. This is something that most of us do when we don’t want to hear a particularly hard message but that does not mean the message goes away, but instead the messenger becomes more and more irritated which makes the delivery of the message harsher.

The Air Dragon is your last messenger before the universe brings about the harshest manner possible for the message delivery. It is important that you listen to this messenger and heed the warnings that you are receiving. If you are unwilling the listen to the Air Dragon he can and probably will destroy an important aspect of your life pertaining to the message he is trying to deliver. For it upon destruction that most people will finally listen.

Today you have the choice to listen to the Air Dragon’s message and take heed before he destroys something important in your life.

Air Dragon

by Bill Worthington

11-23-15 Daily Card Reading

Published November 23, 2015 by mandyhieatt

The Druid Animal Oracle
by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm
illustrated by Bill Worthington

Salmon – Bradan

Bradan is revered as extremely sacred in the Druid tradition – it is the Oldest Animal, and it offers us wisdom and inspiration. Often with great difficulty, the salmon will return to the place of its birth to mate. To find wisdom, we too need to recapitulate our lives, to journey in consciousness back to our beginnings – to our childhood and perhaps beyond to our very origins in the God or Goddess. Bradan brings not only wisdom but youthfulness and inspiration, but remember that to find these things you must maintain an attitude of openness and innocence rather than strong-headed determination.

Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

The Salmon is here today to remind us that struggles are only as hard as we make them out to be. When the Salmon goes back to its birth place to mate not once does it think about not doing it because the journey is hard and there are obstacles in the way. The Salmon just does what it needs to do and doesn’t think about the struggles.

This is a very valuable lesson in our lives. When we face adversary in our lives how many times have we given up? Salmon is here to tell you to stop and just face whatever obstacles you are facing because once you face them they are over and you can move on. Fear is the biggest stopper of dreams and goals. Don’t live by fear and don’t let fear rule what you think you can do. Salmon lets you know that you can do whatever you decide to do.

Today go out and do something that you didn’t think you could do.

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by Bill Worthington

11-22-15 Daily Card Reading

Published November 22, 2015 by mandyhieatt

The Druid Animal Oracle
by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm
illustrated by Bill Worthington

Raven – Reversed

Drawn reversed, this card suggests that you should become aware of the forces of destruction that exist in your life an din the world. However much we might wish that destruction did not occur, we know that without destruction there cannot be construction and recreation. The Raven speaks of the knowledge of the dark and difficult aspects of life, which it is hard for us to understand. Sometimes we, or our lives, must go through a process of disintegration and darkness, in order to emerge into the greater light of a new morning. To a great extent our fear of the dark is worse than whatever it is that we find there. Drawing this card reversed may mean that we can now come to terms with our own destructiveness – a rage that has perhaps been buried for years – knowing that we have the protection of the Goddess. Deeper still, it may mean that we can come to a resolution of the conflict of opposites – experiencing the reality that in darkness there is light, and in light darkness.

Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

The meaning the original authors is a very good one but what this card speaks to me is a little different. For me the Raven is a signal that my goddess Morrigan is near and that there is something she wants me to pay attention to. So when I see this card reversed it makes me think that you are not listening to the lessons that the universe is putting in front of you, which could lead to some serious issues in the future.

In this life we are all given lessons to learn and we will continue to repeat those lessons until we have finally gotten the point. But with each time we go through the lesson it becomes more harsh and less forgiving. You are forced to give up something more dear to you each time you have to repeat whatever lesson the universe is trying to teach you.

Stop being so damned bull-headed and learn the lesson. You have been through this several times now and should have learned but you keep making the same mistake. I do believe it was Einstein that said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results.” If what you have been doing isn’t working, well then change what you are doing. Things will not, I mean WILL NOT improve until you make that change and finally learn the lesson.

So today pay attention to the lessons that are being set in front of you by the universe and make sure to change how you approach those lessons.

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Raven (R)

by Bill Worthington

11-21-15 Daily Card Reading

Published November 21, 2015 by mandyhieatt

The Sacred Circle Tarot
by Anna Franklin
illustrated by Paul Mason

10 The Wheel – Reversed

The Wheel reversed indicates that you are resisting a change that is inevitable. What does not change stagnates, and it is impossible that things should always remain the same. All things are born and grow, then wither and die. This is the only certainty and it is not a bleak one – from death comes rebirth. One things must end for another to begin. To welcome change is a liberating experience.

Anna Franklin

What an interesting card for me to pull today.  Today is my husband and I’s seventh wedding anniversary and things have changed a lot since 2008. And sometimes those changes have been hard to deal with and accept but instead of living in the past and how things used to be we are always growing and that is why we are better now than we were in 2008.

Today is all about accepting the changes that have been manifesting in your life. Yes, I know that change is scary and we are all resistant to change but it is necessary for us to grow. We have to let old ways die out to make room for new ways of being. And today is a perfect example for me. Seven years ago today I let the unmarried version of me die and make room for the married version of me. It was a major change for me but one that I finally welcomed and have grown in to.

Stop resisting the changes that you know you want and that you know are necessary for your personal growth. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Expand that comfort zone and allow yourself to become the fully actuated person that you were meant to be.

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10 The Wheel (R)

by Paul Mason