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9-30-15 Daily Card Reading

Published September 30, 2015 by mandyhieatt

The Faeries Oracle
by Brian Froud & Jessica Macbeth

57 – Luthas the Wild Reversed

   “In a reversed position, Luathas speaks of burnout – blocked or even exhausted creative energy. He suggests that we need to find ways to regenerate and recharge ourselves so we can continue the race. but at our own healthy pace. He suggest that our fire is low and must be replenished by appropriate activities before we can resolves the issues we are dealing with.
Here we see the reversed Luathas representing fire in its destructive mode, however grim or delightful that process may appear to be. We must remember that destruction is not always a bad thing. There are things that need to be destroyed – injustice and cruelty, for example – but these things have to be handles with great care. We cannot heal injustice with more injustice, nor cruelty with additional cruelty. If we wish to fight the twisted fire of cruelty (which is passion gone sour or insane), we must find a way to lovingly counter it with the fire of creativity and compassion.
Luathas is eager to help with his wonderful creative, destructive fire, but we must be careful with him. He is the epitome of unbounded enthusiasm and can lead us to burnout or to glory. We must use his fire well or he will take control and use us, leaving nothing but a little pile of ashes blowing away in the wind.” Jessica Macbeth

   Here you are once again at that point in life where there seems to be way too much going on and you feel like you are about to lose your mind. You are asking yourself, once again, how things got to this point. To be honest the answer to that is you are allowing it to happen. When you should be saying no to new projects you take on more. Right now you need to learn to say no to everyone in your life. This is hard, I know personally. We all have one or two people in our lives that is very hard to say no to (mine is my husband). But for your sanity and peace of mind you need to learn to say that horrible “N” word.
This is also a good time to take a day to just relax and enjoy yourself. Maybe even take a vacation. Being able to reset yourself is vital to all that you do. When you don’t take care of yourself enough to relax you do end up burning out and when that happens nothing good happens. Burning out right now while so much is going on will only lead to disaster. So while you think that you cannot possibly take a day to yourself or even a vacation, I promise you that if you don’t things will get much worse as a major burnout will happen. However…. if you do take that day(s) to relax and enjoy yourself, resetting your mind, you will find that things in your work and personal life are going to smooth out and become much easier.

by Brian Froud

by Brian Froud


9-28-15 Daily Card Reading

Published September 28, 2015 by mandyhieatt

The Green Woman
The Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud & Jessica Macbeth

   “The Green Woman speaks to us of caring for our growing ground and of the physical satisfaction of being our natural selves and practicing our own innate magic. This is a time for enhancing the growth of our talents and abilities, a time of blossoming that will bear fruit.
It may also be a time of growing maturity and self-confidence. Experience trusting yourself and trusting the process of growth.
She also reminds us of material reward ahead, the harvest of the seeds we have planted and nurtured. She counsels boldness and perseverance in the face of adversity, yet she also reminds us that sometimes the only action we can take is to wait patiently and keep growing.” Jessica Macbeth

   It is ok to be silly every now and again. The Green Woman is here today to remind us that we have been working so very hard and today is a good time to have a silly day. Go out and enjoy the world with a light heart and a smile on your face while knowing that everything you have been working on is coming your way. Today just let the universe do its work and you take a day to enjoy everything. Yes, it is a Monday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day.

Brian Froud

Brian Froud

9-23-15 Daily Card Reading

Published September 23, 2015 by mandyhieatt

Heart of Faerie Oracle – Brian & Wendy Froud

The Queen of Passage

“All things change. All situations move from one phase into another. Sometimes those transitions are difficult. Letting goo and moving on, whether to a new life, a new love, or perhaps just a new phase of a current relationship, can be painful, but the Queen of Passage is there to help with those transitions. She looks ahead with the keen sight of the kestrel and can see the future with the wisdom of the raven. She holds the pomegranate, a sign of fertility. There is growth in the future. There is a way ahead. The darkness comes as you step from one state to another. The moment of passage between the past and future, between the worlds themselves, is a moment of surrender.
Trust this great queen to be your guide. Listen to what she has to tell you and then take that step. She will be by your side in the moment you move out of the past and into the future.”

You are looking at things through the veil of the past and this is clouding your judgement. Things are not as they seem because you are looking at things through your veil. Remove the veil and see things for how they truly are. Are they better than you thought? Are they worse? Now that you are able to see things as they truly are you have the power to change what you don’t like. Look for what you do like and what you want and focus of those things. Remember that noticing things that you do not want allows you to more clearly focus on those things you do want. The Queen of Passage is here to help you more clearly see those things and help you make the change into your better future.

5 The Queen of Passage

9-21-15 Daily Card Reading

Published September 21, 2015 by mandyhieatt


The Celtic Dragon Tarot by DJ Conway & Lisa Hunt.

“You witness or experience a shocking event that leaves you changed. Potential catastrophe is near; be prepared. Your life is complicated by discord in a relationship or the family. Unforeseen setbacks bring despondency and a period of frustration. Your dreams may disintegrate into ashes.”

Yep, today is a Monday. Things seem to be falling apart at the seems and life seems way too crazy. Take a deep breath and try to relax a bit. I know it seems way too hard to relax but it would be in your best interest. When things become really hard take a moment and look around you and notice all the things you are grateful for. This will help you feel better. And tomorrow is a new day.