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Daily Card Reading for 11-26-14

Published November 26, 2014 by mandyhieatt

Hunter of Vision

“Vision shows us the way, and we should spend every moment in pursuit of it – without it we may remain lost in the wilderness of life. True vision brings with it a sense of certainty that enables us to instinctively find our way. The Hunter of Vision imparts to us a sense of clear-sightedness that enables us to make decisions and find the truth in whatever situation we find ourselves. With this deeper vision comes an ability to uncover a treasure trove of spiritual insight, and learn to incorporate this into our daily lives. This Hunter can take us out of the darkness and help us to recognize the future we seek.” John Matthews & Wil Kinghan

In order to make the best decisions in our lives we need to have an understanding of what is really going on, what the motives of others are, and how our decisions will effect others. Today the Hunter of Vision asks you to make sure that you really have enough information to make that big decision and to truly think of how it will effect those around you. But this Hunter also warns you of making decisions with the intention of helping others. Make sure you’re not preventing them from taking responsibility of their own lives or enabling them to do something that would be detrimental to their well being. If that inner voice is telling you something isn’t all it seems to be that is this Hunter guiding you today.

38 Hunter of Vision

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Daily Card Reading for 11-25-14

Published November 25, 2014 by mandyhieatt

Shaman of Song

“From the earliest times shamans used the power of song to bring healing to those in need, and to feel their way into the heart of Spirit. The song itself represents energy and life, and transcends time, place, mood and emotion, bringing harmony in times of stress. We may not be singers but we can sing into our hearts. The resonance of song touches all things, brings us closer to Spirit, and teaches us to see beyond the personal into the infinite. The Shaman of Song uses this power to help us discover and travel along our true path and to bring us clarity in times of confusion.” John Matthews & Wil Kinghan

Everyone has a song in their hearts. Are you listening to yours or doing your best to ignore the songs calling? Today is an important day to listen to the song of your heart. It will bring you peace, clarity, and calm in the storm of life. Once you start listening to the song of your heart you will begin to see things clearer. Things that haven’t made sense will finally make sense, you will understand the motives behind others actions, and the world will open up to you. The song of your heart will never steer you in the wrong direction no matter what the liar in your head is telling you.

50 Shaman of Song

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Daily Card Reading for 11-24-14

Published November 24, 2014 by mandyhieatt

Spirit of Nurture

“Nurture provides balm, rest and peace for the soul. Whatever difficulty, loss or pain you encounter, through nurture you will find a sanctuary of warmth, solace and support, Home and family are time-honored sources of such nourishment, which may be physically at hand or experiences as a spiritual reality even when we are alone and far away. The Spirit of Nurture, depicted here as a spirit house, offers a refuge in time of adversity. Here you may recover your strength and gather you thoughts as you prepare to continue on your path. This oasis of peace and love is always available to you.” John Matthews & Wil Kinghan

Recent events has left your soul weary and tired. It is time to take refuge and recover from what has happened. The Spirit of Nurture is here to tell you that the much needed recovery is at hand. Take some much needed time and find your spiritual center. This will best be accomplished by talking with your spiritual family. These are people that may not be blood family but are always there when you need them. They can be member of your church, coven, or like minded people. The people you find at these places will be the ones that will help you find your spiritual center and regain the strength that you have lost. Don’t be afraid to share you struggles and pain with these people. Remember no one can do life all by themselves.

12 Spirit of Nurture

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Daily Card Reading for 11-23-14

Published November 23, 2014 by mandyhieatt

Six of Wands

“You have achieved something whether it is something you worked hard towards or something that was as easy as a guess. You feel good about the achievement. You want to celebrate and be recognized for what you have done. If you have truly achieved something you have worked toward, enjoy your sense of victory and celebrate with those who care about you. However, if you’ve won a questionable victory, beware of a false sense of achievement, and be aware of the feeling of those who matter more to you than the victory itself.” Barbara Moore & Linda Ravenscroft

With achievement comes those in your life that will be jealous of what you have accomplished. And in their attempts to make your achievement seem less important they will try to tear you down. Just know that the people that do this aren’t necessarily meaning to try to destroy your new found self-confidence and new found sense of achievement but they do what they do because of how bad they feel. It seems in today’s world that instead of working to raise others up those around you are trying to bring you down to their level. The best way to combat this tendency is to work to raise those up who tried to tear you down. When they feel good then they will work to raise others up as well. Jealousy is just misunderstood admiration.

6 of Wands

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Daily Card Reading for 11-22-14

Published November 22, 2014 by mandyhieatt

Ace of Cups

“You are faced with the opportunity to pursue a new relationship. Don’t let the fear of what might happen get in your way. Approach it with intention of making it the best it can be, and if it is a good thing, don’t neglect it – continue to nurture and strengthen it.” Barbara Moore & Linda Ravenscroft

People come and go in and our of our lives. Sometimes we meet someone that becomes a great friend. When this happens don’t let things like ego and pride get in the way. Relationships are hard at all levels and when you let ego and pride get in the way a friendship can quickly turn sour and next thing you know you have lost a friend. Remember that each person does things differently than you do. That doesn’t make what they do wrong or what you do wrong, just different. And when you take the time to study the different ways people do things you might just learn a new trick that could make your life better. Always take the time to nurture a friendship and you will garner great rewards.

1 Ace of Cups

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Daily Card Reading for 11-21-14

Published November 20, 2014 by mandyhieatt

Since the 21st is mine and my husband’s anniversary I am going to post the card reading a bit early. 🙂

11 Justice

“This fae wishes you to understand your power and your responsibility. If you are wondering why you are facing a situation, look at your past actions. If you can see how you brought yourself to this place, you can perhaps find a way to balance your karma. If you are facing a decision of how to behave in a situation, consider the future ramifications. Choose your actions wisely, and carefully make a bed you will be happy to sleep in.” Barbara Moore & Linda Ravenscroft

Our actions always have consequences. Are you prepared for the consequences of your actions? If you are not ready stop and ask yourself why. Why did you do what has gotten you into this situation, why did you not think of your actions, and why perhaps you didn’t take personal responsibility. If you are ready for the consequences keep in mind that the consequences will only be as bad the the actions that brought them about and then everything is over with. This card speaks not only of the consequences of actions but also of taking personal responsibility and thinking before acting. The situation you are in now is of your own doing and now is the time to take personal responsibility. Start thinking about an action before you do it and think of the consequences it could have on your life and the lives of others.

11 Justice

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Daily Card Reading for 11-20-14

Published November 20, 2014 by mandyhieatt

14 Temperance

“While it may be impossible for humans to maintain this state of being indefinitely, Temperance’s answer to you is to mind your reactions. Let whatever you do, think, or feel be appropriate and beneficial to whatever you are facing. Don’t add to the chaos or drama by overreacting. Your task now is to center yourself and do whatever is necessary to establish balance in the situation.” Barbara Moore & Linda Ravenscroft

Temperance is reminding you to keep your cool even in the toughest of situations. Things happen that are out of your control. Instead of overreacting, which most people are prone to, calm yourself down by centering and then look at the issue again with a clear mind. By taking just a few moments to keep your cool will in the end provide you with a great prospective on the issue and keep the unnecessary drama out of the situation. All things pass, but they pass much easier if you haven’t added extra negativity to them. Temperance is also reminding you to keep your head held high during the tough situations that come up. Don’t let others bring you down and make you lose your cool. You cannot control the situations but you can control how you react to them.

14 Temperance

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